Private German Lessons in Cologne

Would you like to learn German on your terms because you are busy professionally or privately? No problem! Benefit from our private courses at the Sprachschule Aktiv in Cologne!

The German private lessons are individually tailored to you. You determine the place, the time, and your preferred learning content. Our experienced language teachers look forward to hearing from you.

Costs and registration

Price per lesson of 45 minutes:

  • From 10 teaching units: 48 Euro per unit
  • From 20 teaching units: 45 Euro per unit
  • From 50 teaching units: 40 Euro per unit
  • From 80 teaching units: 38 Euro per unit

Private German courses in Cologne for beginners and advanced learners

We offer all language levels from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 to C2 and are based on the European Framework of Reference. Beginners and advanced learners are in good hands with our individual German lessons. If you are not sure what level you are at the moment, simply take our free placement test.

The result helps you and your language teacher set your future learning goals and eliminates knowledge gaps by repetition. For example, if you have already reached level B1, but keep seeing problems with grammar structures from A2, it will be no problem for your language teacher to put together various learning modules individually for you in one-on-one lessons. This is how you will learn quickly and successfully.

Learn German with a qualified private teacher in Cologne

We at Sprachschule Aktiv in Cologne test our teachers very carefully before we use them in lessons. We make sure to select qualified private teachers with a lot of experience for our team. For us and your learning success, friendly manners and a personable personality are just as important so that the “chemistry” between you and your teacher is right. Our private teachers in Cologne are native German speakers, so you can rest assured that your teacher has a perfect understanding of the language and will also provide you with professional support in practicing pronunciation.

Private German courses at your home or at your job

The biggest advantage of private German courses is the flexibility. You can decide whether the language teacher comes to your home or visits you at your job. You also decide individually with your private teacher how many hours per week you will learn German. You are also free to choose the time of day. Do you prefer mornings rather than evenings? Talk to your teacher about it! Perhaps there are also situations such as shopping or ordering and paying in a cafe where you would like the support of your teacher. Ask them about it and they will prepare you linguistically for difficult situations and accompany you. You can also ask your teacher cultural questions at any time and have them explain the unique Cologne lifestyle to you.

Free trial private lesson

When it comes to private lessons, it is particularly important that you get along with your language teacher. Only then will you feel confident and learn effectively. In order to guarantee you the optimal learning situation, we offer a free trial lesson. You get to know your teacher, so that you can test the teaching style and clarify how your learning goals can be implemented. Then you can decide whether you like our offer or not. If you do not wish to continue the course, you will receive the entire course fee back without any deductions and you will not be charged for the trial lesson.