TestDaF – German Course for Exam Preparation in Cologne

TestDaF – German Course for Exam Preparation in Cologne

TestDaF means test German as a foreign language. It’s the classic German proficiency exam and is accepted by most Universities. Because the test is so long and complex, it is a good idea to invest in our preparation courses. Our competent German teachers in Cologne have already led some students successfully to their goal and know exactly which techniques are best to pass this exam.

For whom is TestDaF recommended?

Foreign students who either want to start or continue their studies in Germany must provide adequate proof of German language proficiency according to the State University Act. The TestDaF expects highly advanced skills and knowledge of the German language and thus meets the requirements of the law. The language certificate for passing the exam serves as evidence for many universities to give admission to study in Germany.

What are the requirements?

The language levels are divided into six levels according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference, namely from A1, A2, B1, B2 to C1 and C2. Before you register for the exam preparation course and the exam, you should have completed at least language level B2 but preferably C1. If you don’t know exactly what level your German language skills are, our free placement test will help you determine that. The test always runs according to the same standards and is free of charge.

Structure and duration of the test

The aim of the test is to present your language skills in German at university level. The result should make it clear that you are able to take part in scientific discussions and understand and analyze corresponding texts.
The exam consists of four parts:

  • Listening Comprehension (40 minutes)
  • Reading Comprehension (60 minutes)
  • Oral Communication (35 minutes, individual examination with CD)
  • Written Communication (60 minutes)

TestDaF – dates, prices, information

Course duration: We recommend 8 weeks
Start dates: Always on the first Monday of the month
Dates: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

  • 1 week: € 199
  • 2 weeks: € 349
  • 3 weeks: € 449
  • 4 weeks (per month): € 499

These building blocks are practiced intensively:

  • Extraction of individual information from short German-language texts
  • Understanding journalistic and scientific texts
  • Mastery of everyday communication
  • Understanding scientific controversy
  • Writing your own texts in German

TestDaf is a recognized certificate that will open new doors for you.

Success requires good and intensive preparation

In order to be able to pass this demanding test, we recommend intensive preparation, which should be completed with highly qualified language teachers. Sprachschule Aktiv Köln offers an extensive program for learning the German language that helps to prepare you for the ambitious language test.