Health Insurance for Foreign Students

Health insurance is very important for foreign language students in Germany. If you are not already covered by compulsory insurance, you should seek out health insurance before applying for a visa. A visa in Germany is only possible with a valid health insurance. The application only takes a few minutes and is possible online. However, you should first find out about the various insurance options because the insurance coverage is not always the same. By choosing the right insurance, you can save a lot of money and still get the highest quality. We would be happy to help you find suitable insurance. We work with a good and trustworthy provider.


What are the requirements for taking out health insurance?

Our partner is Care Concept health insurance. The insurance is specially tailored to the needs of language students and offers customized insurance plans. You can sign up easily without any complications if you are 35 years old or younger. International language students who want to attend a language school in Germany or Austria can take out this insurance. It is the ideal coverage while learning German.

What services does the health insurance company provide?

If you are insured with the Care Concept health insurance, you will receive outpatient, inpatient and dental care. The individual offers differ within each insurance plan. Find out in advance what is important for you to have while you are here.

What does health insurance cost?

Health insurance offers different rates. Of course, you get the necessary care with all of them. There are small differences in certain areas. The cheapest insurance (Care College Basics) is available from 28 euros a month. Care College Comfort (from 35 euros per month) and Care College Premium (from 63 euros per month) are also available. With the cheapest rate you get the necessary treatment, but this includes a small deductible. Care College Premium also offers you the reimbursement of visual aids (up to 100 euros), daily hospital allowance and accident-related dentures (up to 2500 euros). The low prices are valid for the first 18 months. This is usually more than enough for a language course. You can find more information on their homepage.

Easy ordering over the internet

Take out your health insurance easily and conveniently online. Information about your previous illnesses is not necessary. Liability or accident insurance can also be taken out. After a few minutes you will receive the insurance documents in an email. You can then apply for a visa straight away. The insurance documents will also be sent to you by post. This usually happens within two business days.

Find out now – prices and registration – health insurance with immediate confirmation for a visa in Germany!

Entry into an advanced health system

The health insurance fee for students is not as high compared to normal employees in Germany. You are also free to choose your doctors, this is according to the guidelines of the health insurance company. In addition, health insurance for students also includes certain procedures that are not provided for in a German employee’s health insurance. You cannot be transported back to your home country if you become very seriously ill. Care Concept offers different insurance rates and plans to meet all your concerns and needs. For example, with the Comfort package, a premium refund will be provided if you do not need the insurance. Find out more now!