Intensive Online German Courses

Learn the German language comfortably from your home!

Are you not able to meet in person for German lessons due to your work or other personal reasons? No problem! You can absolutely learn and improve your German from the comfort of your home. We offer professional video conferences through programs such as Skype or WebEx for ideal learning success. You can speak to your teacher and see them live.

The group size of online classes will remain small so that every participant has plenty of time to speak and ask questions. This ensures that the lessons run smoothly. You will learn efficiently and quickly from your home without having to waste time commuting to and from school.

Our German courses in Cologne are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The language skills are divided into 3 parts. If you do not yet have any knowledge of the German language, you will begin with A1. If you already have some basic knowledge, the A2 course would be ideal for you. Level B (B1 and B2) is intended for more advanced students. If you want to perfect your German skills at the highest level, book a level C (C1 or C2) language course. However, assessing yourself is not always easy. You are welcome to take a free placement test in advance on our website.

What do I need for an online course?

You can take part in our online lessons with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And all of this from the comfort of your home using your internet connection.

Small groups for quick and successful learning

In our online courses, as in our face-to-face courses, you’ll learn in small groups. The course content is carefully prepared and created to have personal and intensive lessons from your teacher. During the lessons you will often have the opportunity to speak in German. Likewise, in a dynamic group, one quickly loses inhibitions about speaking in a foreign language. You will make rapid progress because of the small group size. Everyday communication in the German language is particularly important to us in our German courses.

Intensive Online German Courses

Reach your goal with our teachers

Our qualified teachers are crucial for your learning progress. The fact that our German teaches are native speakers is vital to us at Sprachschule Aktiv Köln. Their engagement and ability define the course and helps lead their students to success. In addition, the personality of the teachers is crucial for us. Students and teachers must understand each other and get along with each other, because it greatly promotes learning success. Our focus is fun and efficiency.

Use our trial lesson

A language course is an investment that creates opportunities. You should only take a course if you are satisfied with us. So, take advantage of our trial lesson and get to know us without any obligation. See the quality of our lessons and teachers for yourself. You will only pay for the lesson if you are completely satisfied with the course after the first lesson.

Sprachschule Aktiv Köln supports you with all your questions and wishes. Take the opportunity and learn a new language quickly and effectively. Whether professionally or privately, profound language skills will open up new paths and perspectives for you.

Prices – dates – information

All levels begin every month!

  • Duration: You decide how long you want to take part in the course. You usually need 2 months for one level.
  • Level: A1-C2
  • Course dates: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • 1-week intensive course: €199
  • 2-week intensive course: €349
  • 3-week intensive course: €449
  • 4-week intensive course: €499